Anticipating Renewal: Release Control and Reconnect with Creation

God is in Control

As seasons come and pass, what do you notice? As diseases, such as COVID-19, disrupt the lives of many, what do you notice? The theme I’m trying to get at, and one of the many points that we were privileged to be reminded of, is the fact that we are not the ones in control. Some of us have been dealing with loss, more than we can handle, but Jesus invites us to surrender it all and to not be afraid.

To his frightened disciples, Jesus always reminded them to “not be afraid.” The Gospels show that every time the disciples were in a troubled state, the Lord always came at the right moment, and said “fear not” – Jesus invites us to do the same. Be honest with God. Fear may and will continue to show up in our lives, but while they come and go, God remains constant. When we acknowledge and truly believe God is in control, fear and anxiety will no longer paralyze us. 

How have you bought into the Westernized idea that you are in control of your life?

Reuniting with Creation

It is really easy to look at screens all day and to be blobs during this time, but God created us to be in tune with nature. He placed Adam in the garden, not in a building. Jesus noticed the birds and the fig trees when he lived during the Roman Empire. It is so tempting and easy to not view how our actions will affect future generations. But our actions affect the world.

From the things we consume to the things that we buy, they all have a greater impact on the environment and the globe. What do you miss doing that you can start again? Maybe it’s riding your bike, rolling in the grass alongside your dog, soaking in the sun, hearing the birds, planting your own food, etc. Let us care for creation and let creation care for us.🌻🌻🌻

How to grow green onions at home (Method 3):

Written by Jocelyn, Jun, Pam and Sisley


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